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Drop it in the bag, babes! Supergreat has made it easier to display your soon-to-be purchases in one place! πŸ›’


What are some key changes?

Well! Your bag now identifies whether you're buying a product straight from a brand or a retailer. Shipping fees may vary depending on which seller you're purchasing items from, so keep an eye out πŸ‘€

With that being said, since you can checkout multiple items in one bag, under one (combined) shipping fee, you will no longer have the 12 hour standard grace period for purchases.


What if I'm not ready to checkout all the items in my bag?

No worries! Though it may me simpler to checkout all at once, you have the option to either checkout a portion of your bag or leverage the Buy Now button πŸ›


What if there is a mishap with my order? 

As our refund policy suggests, you would need to contact the brand for sales inquiries related to damages, exchanges, and refunds. Though, now that you'll have different retailers and/or brands under one order number, you'd have to be explicit in mentioning the product details!

**Don't know the brand or retailer's customer support contact? We've got you covered! Send us a request below  🀝


The shop tab looks a little different - how do I purchase items in various carousels?

It may look like the β€œbuy” button has disappeared on product images, but it’s still there! You just have to click into the product to select whether you want to Add to Bag, Buy Now, or even Redeem - more options, yay!  


Does my cart expire after a certain time period?

Currently, your cart does not expire after a designated time period. Although, if you were to purchase an item during a live show hosted by a Supercreator or Superhost, it's best to checkout within a week! Support your faves!

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