Reward Drops

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Now that you've created videos, watched live shows and participated in challenges- it's time to cash in those Supercoins for rewards!

To redeem a reward, look through the Lives tab for shows titled "Live Drop."  Join the show, learn about the product and see it in action!  When the Live Host activates the Reward Drop, you will find it pinned at the bottom of the screen or in the page of linked products.  Tap on the product photo (or "Redeem" button if available) and follow the prompts to redeem.  Act fast- the Reward Drops are quick to sell out!  Once a Drop is sold out, the option to redeem will no longer be visible.

Pro tip 💡: Surprise rewards also appear in the Shop tab!  Be sure to check daily by scrolling through the wide range of products featured on Supergreat.

Happy redeeming!

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