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Supergreat continues to grow! With that being said, ✨tipping✨has arrived! Now you can support your favorite Live Hosts with one click! We're sure you have questions, so here are some answers.


How do I tip my go-to live hosts?

Ready to get tipping?! Let’s walk you through it.

On the right side of the comment bar, you’ll see a dollar sign (💲). Once you click that dollar sign, a prompt will appear asking you to tip the Live Host. If the Live show has two Hosts, you’ll have the option to select which host you would like to tip. 

You can select a tip amount or provide a custom amount to show some love! Along with the tip, you have the option to include a message which will be highlighted during the Live show.


You can currently tip either by credit card or Apple Pay on iOS only. 


How can I see who has been tipping during the Live show?

If you click the Superfan (⭐️) button in the top right corner, you can see all tippers and buyers in the Live show. The top tippers will have a star next to their avatar.


Where can I find my tipping history?

Your tipping history will be in your settings under My Purchases. You can access it by going to your profile and selecting the gear icon (⚙️) in the top right corner.



Are there tip amount restrictions?

Yes, the minimum you can tip is $2. Currently, the maximum is $100. Though, you also have the option of providing a custom amount. Tipping is also unlimited, so you can tip your favorite live hosts as much as you want!


How will the live host know that I'm the one tipping them?

Once you send the Live Host a tip, every participant - including the Host - will see your tip amount and your avatar highlighted. The extra bonus is seeing your avatar and cash pop onto the screen for everyone to see!

Want to keep that info to yourself? No worries, you have the option to send a tip anonymously too!



Are tips refundable?

Voluntary tips are non-refundable. If you're having issues completing a payment, please press Submit a Request below. Our support team will get back to you ASAP!


Are you a Live Host? Since the beginning, one core principle has repeatedly set this community apart: the undying support the creators here have for each other. So, we've got your questions covered too! 🤝


Can tips be split with a co-host?

No, tips cannot be split with a co-host. Viewers have the option to select which host they would like to tip.


Can I tip myself?

No, Live Hosts will not be able to tip themselves.


Can I see a tally of tips I receive during my live show?

Yes! To see your tips flowing in, simply press Host Tools. You’ll have the option to select Tips (💲) to see the amount of tips you have received and the total USD dollar amount you have received as well.


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