What are Supercoins?

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Supercoins are our in-app winnings.  There are three main ways to collect Supercoins:

  • Through views 👀:

Create reviews on your favorite products! Making meaningful content, including demos, tutorials, and thoughtful critique will ensure that your reviews are featured. this will get you more coins; for every 5 views views, you earn 1 coin.

  • Through invites 🫂:

Invite friends and family to the app by sharing your invite code, your username. Every person you invite who uses your code will give both of you 50 coins each.

  • Through challenges ⚔️:

We regularly challenge the community to makeup and skincare challenges that give participants a chance to win big! Keep your eyes peeled in the Watch tab and follow us on Instagram (@supergreatapp) so you don't miss the next one!

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