Tips for Creating Reviews

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Follow these tips to be a 🌟 in the Supergreat Hall of Fame:

  1. Film in a well-lit area with your light source in front of you. Try filming next a window or using a ring light.
  2. You have to show your face!  We want to see your beautiful features! 🤩  This helps our community get a better sense of how a product looks or feels when applied.
  3. Eliminate background noise.  Turn off your TV and music for crisp audio. 
  4. Talk about the product.  Tell us what you love about it or how it can be improved.  Your opinion matters!
  5. Demo the product.  Swatch it.  We want to see it in action. 💄
  6. Add stickers and text!  Decorate your review with these final touches.
  7. Choose a cute thumbnail to be displayed on your feed. 😍  Tip: Reviews with faces in the thumbnail get more views!

If we're getting specific, here are some recording tips:

  • Make sure your finger isn't over the microphone and you're not in a dark area.  Film with your phone upright in portrait (vertical) orientation.
  • Need more time? We have features like fast-forward and hands free that help you save valuable review time.
  • Wipe your camera clean with a soft cloth prior to filming.  You'll be surprised by the difference it makes!
  • Looking a little washed out on camera?  Try tapping on different parts of your screen to activate the automatic focus and exposure adjustment.

Pro Tip:  Always link your reviews to the correct product to rake in your well-deserved Supercoins! 💰  The Supergreat Chatroom and other Supergreat-themed product channels don't actually get you any Supercoins! 😬


We can't wait to see your stellar reviews!

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