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  • When is Supergreat shutting down?
    • Supergreat will shut down on December 15th. At this point, you will no longer be able to access or the Supergreat app.


  • How can I download the Supergreat reviews I have created?
    • You can manually download each video review from the Supergreat app with the following steps:
      • Go to your profile
      • Select “My content”
      • Select the three dots in the top right corner of your video
      • Select “Save to camera roll”
    • If you want to request to download all of your reviews at once, please add your information here and our team will send you your content. The content request form will be open until December 1st.

Payouts & Bonuses

  • What is happening to bonuses?
    • Supergreat bonuses will end after October. You will receive a bonus payment for your October progress. After that, you will not receive bonuses from Supergreat. 
  • Will there be bonuses in November?
    • October is the last month of the bonus program. There will be no bonuses in November and beyond.


  • Thank you for being an active member of the Supergreat community and earning and gifting your Supercoins. While we won’t have any new Supercoin activations, we encourage you to check out what Whatnot has to offer.


  • Can I still shop on Supergreat? 
    • You will be able to shop on Supergreat until early November. We will follow up with a precise date for when we will shut down shopping on Supergreat. Until then, you will get commissions on any order influenced by your content. After that date, we encourage you to check out Whatnot's livestreams and deals.


  • What is Whatnot?
    • Whatnot is the largest livestream shopping platform in the U.S. that connects buyers and sellers in real-time across 200+ categories – from beauty products and fashion, to collectibles like trading cards, comics, sneakers, and more. You can check out the Whatnot app here!
  • How do I become a seller on Whatnot?
    • Anyone can apply to be a seller on the Whatnot app. If you are an active Supergreat live seller, we will follow up with more information and resources to get you set up for success on Whatnot!

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