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Here at Supergreat, our community means the WORLD to us!  To keep it fair for everyone, we just have a few rules to participate.  Here are the basics.  All posts on Supergreat need to be beauty reviews. 💄  Let your creativity run wild! 🎨  


Our Guidelines are as follows:

In order for reviews to be eligible to earn Supercoins and redeem products, they must contain the following elements:

  • Reviewer is visible in each video, talking to the camera when sharing the product and their personal experience it
  • The review includes a concise, verbal, honest, and thoughtful review
  • The review includes a small tutorial, demo, or interaction with the product being reviewed
  • The audio and lighting allow people to clearly see & hear the reviewer and see the product
  • The post must be linked to the correct product, not the unofficial "Chatroom" or other Supergreat-themed channel
  • The post, if added to an article*, must be related to said article
    • articles include brand reviews, challenges, interviews, community topics, etc

Supergreat is meant to be a place where people can learn about beauty products from others, share their insight and experience on products they have, and research reviews to discover things that could work for them.  When people make posts that don't convey meaningful reviews that meet these guidelines, it makes it harder for everyone to redeem rewards and prevents people from having a positive experience in this community.  Moreover, as Supergreat grows, we want to ensure that everyone has equal opportunity to redeem the exciting reward Drops!


We also have strict policies around spamming. Comments similar to "v4v" or "10x10" asking for views are considered spam and not allowed.  This is especially if it's on the video of another creator.  People put a lot of time and effort into their reviews and we want everyone in the community to be respected. 🤝


Our Policies are as follows:

  • Community members must be at least 13 years old
  • Rewards are for personal use and are meant to be reviewed, not used as gifts or for resale
  • All referrals must be genuine
  • Only ONE active account per user is permitted
  • Do not post videos about products you don't have, websites or spoilers
  • Lastly, our Superhosts work really hard on their shows.
    • Do not repeatedly ask for Coin Drops, gifts, or the Reward Drop's cost of Supercoins
    • Do not pressure live hosts to release the Reward Drop
    • Live show chat messages are moderated; we do not tolerate inappropriate behavior

Please note that being in violation of one or more of the Guidelines & Policies listed above may result in account restrictions.  Unfortunately, once the account is restricted, the decision is final. Additionally, pending orders may be subject to cancellation.


Thank you for understanding that we are working diligently to maintain a positive, safe, fair and FUN environment for all our community members! 🎉

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