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So you wanna tell friends and family about us? Want them to join the fun?? We got more info for you about our referral program! 👯


Who is eligible to share a referral code?

Anyone can share a referral code! The referral code should be the first thing you see when you open up the Shop tab on Supergreat. It'll look like this ⤵️



How can I share my referral code?

You can share your referral code in two steps:

  1. Tap the “$10 for $10 Referral Program” promotion in the Shop tab
  2. Share via text message, Instagram story, or direct link

Once I’ve shared my referral code, when can I get a reward?

You will receive a referral reward once the person you referred has made a purchase using your code. This means that the person you referred has to:

  • Apply the referral promotion at checkout for a purchase of $20 or more
  • Use your referral promotion on their 1st or 2nd purchase
  • Not have used a referral code from another Supergreat user in the past


Who is eligible to claim a referral code that I have shared with them?

Once you share a referral with someone, they can claim it if:

  • They have made less than 2 purchases
  • They have not used a referral code from another Supergreat user in the past


How can the people I have shared my referral code with claim their reward?

Recipients of a referral can claim their reward in two ways:

  1. Via the link you shared 
    If you share your referral code through a link, the recipient should have their $10 reward automatically loaded to their account once they click the link. As long as they are eligible to claim the reward, they can apply the $10 off at checkout 🎉

  2. Via settings
    If the recipient of your referral code is eligible to claim the reward, and they did not click your referral link, they can enter your code in their settings ⚙️

    To do so, they should follow these steps:
    • Click into their profile on the top left corner of the Supergreat app


    • Click into settings ⚙️ on the top right corner of the profile page


    • Scroll down to “Add a referral code” and enter the code in the entry bar, then click “Claim a referral credit”


Note: if this option is not available, then they likely have used someone else’s referral code in the past, or have made more than 2 purchases, and are not eligible to redeem a referral reward


Can I stack my referral reward with other promotions?

Referral rewards are considered Supergreat promotions. While you can stack a referral code with a brand-funded discount, you cannot stack it with another Supergreat discount.

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